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It is rare to find a talented, APEGA certified engineering firm in oil gas.


There are lots of talented engineers. There are not many engineers who can run a business efficiently. In this market, drilling contractors want effective and high-quality engineering. There is no room for going over budget or over deadlines. Many talented engineers dropped out when the going got tough as oil prices fell. As the industry begins to stabilize, many contractors will look for new engineering firms. Their only problem- how to choose the best firm.

How to find the best engineering firms

APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) certification highlights the best engineers and firms. It’s is a quality signal to drilling contractors because it proves certain milestones have been met.

What is APEGA?

In the olden days, guilds existed to regulate trades. They set practice standards and disciplinary systems for its members. Today, APEGA is the guild for engineers in Alberta.

Just as in the olden days, joining the APEGA guild is no easy feat. There are mandated technical, ethical and professional standards. These include 48 months of training, character requirements and passing standardized tests. All members and aspiring members must prove they uphold these at all times.

Certifications, like APEGA , highlight high-quality engineering. All engineers in Alberta have APEGA status. Otherwise, they are called Members-in-Training (MIT) or Designers. MITs and Designers do not follow the same regulations as engineers.

The Difference between Engineers, MITs and Designers

Engineering is HARD.

Engineering is difficult. It’s hard just to get into. First, students slave to get accepted to university. Then, it’s the task of passing with good marks. Finally, students undergo training for four years. Only then they apply for engineering status. While training, these students are called Members-in-Training.

Designing equipment is complex. It requires analytical thought and precision. Moreover, Designers must go to school for 1-2 years to receive a diploma. While it is hard work and requires immense effort, it teaches different skills than engineering programs. As such, designers aren’t subjected to the same depth of training or schooling as engineers. For this reason, designers are different from engineers.

However, not all that graduate with an engineering degree are equal. Possessing a degree and possessing true talent are two entirely different things. What really sets the great engineers apart is the APEGA certification. But what sets great engineering firms apart?

Hire the Best Engineering Firms

Looking at past work and references is a good start. But, the real test is looking at the firm’s certifications  Most importantly, does the firm itself have APEGA certification?

A company must undergo rigorous scrutiny to get certified. First, they need at least one APEGA engineer on staff. Then, they must describe their business, products and services. Finally, the firm must declare responsible members who take responsibility of the firms engineering output. As such, only elite engineering firms are granted APEGA status. In such, this preserves the quality behind the engineering.

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DrillGear and APEGA

Here at DrillGear, we are proud to host only accredited APEGA certified engineers. These engineers serve as the backbone to our products and services. In such, they provide the talent, character and experience that allows us to be an APEGA certified firm.

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