Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Applying for Oilfield jobs Online

Like it or not, the world is moving online. And, as you might expect, the oil & gas industry is no exception.

While the web provides an unprecedented way to find and apply to oilfield jobs from across the globe, many seasoned oilfield folk find the online universe daunting and overly complex, and long for a time of handshakes and in-person interviews.

Indeed, without personal interactions it can be harder to make a good first impression and convey to a potential employer your true worth.

So then, how does one make a good first impression online?

In your quest for that perfect high paying oilfield job, avoid these 3 common mistakes and get your career started off on the right foot!

1. Send An Up-To-Date Resume & Proof of Tickets & Certifications

It is not only important to keep your information and experience on your resume current, but to ensure you tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Also, be sure to insert precise keywords and details into your resume that will make you stand out as a good candidate as well as assist with any automated systems that an employer may use.

To further help your application stand out, make it clear which safety tickets & certifications you currently hold. This could give you an edge over individuals who either do not have any safety tickets, or who simply did not take the time to include them in their application.

2. Make Your Availability Clear

Let’s face it, things change quickly in the patch. An employer wants to know they can count on you when push comes to shove. The less available you are to these inevitable changes,  the less likely an employer will be willing to consider you.

Make sure to include in your application if you are available and willing to work odd shifts, spend time away in camps – or even relocate. This demonstrates initiative and gives you a clear edge over a candidate with no flexibility.

3. Mind Your Online Reputation

While you may not pay any attention to things like your email address and social media profiles, you may be surprised to learn that your employer might.

When sending a resume via email, your email address will act as a first impression. Do not use an email address containing words that are inappropriate, childish, or hard to read. This will leave a poor first impression and give an employer an easy excuse to skip over your application.

Large companies in the industry receive dozens – even hundreds – of applications per day. Don’t make it easy for them to skip you based on your email address alone.

Further, some employers may ‘Google’ your name and do some research online. Are your social media profiles publicly available? It may be time to review what the internet says about you. Controversial political views, photos, and hateful or disrespectful comments posted online may result in an employer passing you over for someone who’s online reputation is more neutral and mature.

Online is here to stay

Like or not, the oil and gas industry will continue to move the bulk of their hiring online, and the more you understand how the process works, the more likely you are to get hired.


By keeping these 3 simple things in mind and understanding what to do (and not to do), you increase your chances significantly on getting a ‘leg-up’ on competing candidates.


Good luck!


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